Manuel Luca de Tena


Personal details, exhibitions and publications


1954. Born in Madrid.
1972-75. Educated at the Madrid Senior Technical School of Architecture and Academia Centro.
1975-80. Studies in the Madrid Fine Arts Faculty, where he graduated.
1981-84. Professional services as graphic designer in the studio Macua & García-Ramos, Equipo de Diseño, S.A. Museographic installations, exhibitions and graphic design and illustration.
Collaboration as designer and illustrator at Ediciones Cátedra.
Development of his visual work in the painting field.

1984. Moved to Tokyo. Japanese language and culture studies at The Tokyo School of the Japanese Language (Naganuma School).

Work as graphic illustrator for the Publications Department at NHK (Japan Broadcasting System) and the Publisher Geirin Shobo.
Spanish language classes at the NHK Bunka Center and the Isaac Language Institute, both in Tokyo.
Five individual exhibitions and five collective shows.

1990. Return to Madrid.
1992. Publisher as coauthor of the illustrated guide Destino Japón (AnayaTouring).
Further teaching in the field of drawing and painting, giving classes at Arte Kroom Estudio (1995-99) and in his own studio.

2004. Began to teach painting classes in the Salamanca Fine Arts Faculty.
2004-08. PhD studies at the Fine Arts Faculty in Madrid, obtaining the Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA).
PhD thesis on contemporary painting and the Japanese aesthetic The presence of the absent. The concept and expression of the void in the texts of contemporary painters in the light of Far Eastern thought.

Currently Lecturer in Painting, Pictorial Techniques and the Psychology of Art in the Faculty of Fine Arts and in the East Asia Master (East Asian Art) in the School of Social Sciences at Salamanca University.

Manuel Luca de Tena has collaborated as illustrator for the publishing houses Fundesco, Santillana, Vitruvio, Verbum, El Dragón de Gales (Geneva) and the Verso record label.

Since 2001, permanent collaborator with the record news journal Diverdi ( author of many articles on new music.
He has recently published texts on the composers José Manuel López López and Carlos Bermejo in the cultural journals Matador and La Sibila.
He has lectured on music and painting in the Fine Arts Faculties in Salamanca and Madrid, and gave a cycle of five lectures on The colors of the music of today at the Universidad Europea in Madrid.

2009. PhD, University of Salamanca
2012. Extraordinary Doctorate Prize


1984. Mikawa Gallery, Tokyo

1985. Kisetsu Gallery, Tokyo

1989. Lamia Gallery, Tokyo
Space A.D. 2000, Tokyo
Bodysonic Gallery, Tokyo

1992. Jorge Kreisler Gallery, Madrid

1994-5. Anselmo Álvarez Gallery, Madrid

1997. Moriarty Gallery, Madrid

1998. Dieciséis Gallery, San Sebastián.
Casa Palacio Manuel Godoy, Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid

2004. Luis Gurriarán Gallery, Madrid

2006. Luis Gurriarán Gallery, Madrid

2010. Luis Gurriarán Gallery, Madrid

2012. Hispanic-Japanese Cultural Center, Salamanca

2014 – 2015. La Quinta de Mahler, Madrid

2017. Espacio BOP, Madrid


1987. En-ten. Okurayama Memorial Hall, Yokohama

1988. Tokyo Transmission‘88, Yurakuchô Seibu, Tokyo

1989 .Tokyo Transmission‘89, Yurakuchô Seibu, Tokyo

Contemporary Art Festival, Museum of Modern Art, Saitama

1990. Aries Gallery, Tokyo

Marunouchi Gallery, Tokyo

1992. Jorge Kreisler Arte Gallery, Madrid

1995. Arco ´95, Anselmo Álvarez Stand, Madrid

Fifth City of Pamplona Painting Biennale, Sala de Armas, Ciudadela de Pamplona.

Anselmo Álvarez Gallery

A la pintura, eighties and nineties Spanish painters in the Argentaria Collection, Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona

1996-97. A la pintura. Fine Arts Museum, Bilbao

Municipal Exhibition Hall, Lonja del Pescado, Alicante

Museo de la Pasión, Valladolid

Canary Islands Architects Association Exhibition Hall, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Seville Culture Fund Foundation (FOCUS) Prize, Hospital de los Venerables, Seville

Arco ´97, Moriarty Gallery Stand, Madrid

1998. Arco ´98, Moriarty Gallery Stand, Madrid

1999. Arco ´99, Moriarty Gallery Stand, Madrid

2000. Arco ´00, Moriarty Gallery Stand, Madrid

Flecha ´00, Plaza Arturo Soria, Madrid

2001. Flecha ´01, Plaza Arturo Soria, Madrid

2002. Flecha ´02, Plaza Arturo Soria, Madrid

Artenavas ´02, Navas del Marqués, Ávila

2003. Flecha ´03, Plaza Arturo Soria, Madrid

Iris Building (Inaugural Exhibition), Madrid

Artenavas ´03, Navas del Marqués, Ávila

2004. Flecha ´04, Plaza Arturo Soria, Madrid

2005. Flecha ´05, Plaza Arturo Soria, Madrid

SIANOJA V, International Visual Artists Symposium.

Palacio del Marqués de Albaicín. Noja, Cantabria

Visiones (Inaugural Exhibition). a46 Gallery. Las Rozas, Madrid.

  1. Flecha ´06, Plaza Arturo Soria, Madrid

Structures of the Sign, Exhibition Hall, Faculty of Fine Arts. Complutense University of Madrid.

  1. Flecha ´07. Plaza Arturo Soria, Madrid

Espiral Gallery. San Miguel de Meruelo, Cantabria

Nolde Gallery. Navacerrada, Madrid.

2008. Flecha ´08. Plaza Arturo Soria, Madrid

2009. Flecha ´09. Plaza Arturo Soria, Madrid

2010. Flecha ´10. Plaza Arturo Soria, Madrid

The Bamboo Courtyard. Aguirre-Newman Center. Madrid

2011. Flecha ´11 Plaza Arturo Soria, Madrid.


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Fernández-Vega Ophthalmological Institute. Oviedo. Asturias


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